Aston James was born from two Australian mates constantly angered by the fact that they couldn’t understand why men were not taking care of their hair and skin the way should. It was at that point they set out on a journey to create an evolution built towards providing men all around the world luxury beauty products they can not only count on but be proud of that actually work.

From there they shared this idea with their friend Fabio.. Yes!! That’s right Fabio the man who needs no introduction the most beautiful man on the planet whom has spent decades trialing and taking any step possible to ensure his hair and skin stay beautiful inside and out. Once we started talking about this Fabio also expressed a deep frustration towards chemical-intensive, highly synthetic formulas which have pervaded the skincare market for way too long. Fabio also quickly bought to our attention that in actual fact the best raw ingredients on the planet come from natural extracts in Australia however they are so hard to get, extremely rare and extremely overpriced in the international market. Fabio had so much passion towards this topic and the industry that he has dedicated his whole life towards it made perfect sense for him to be at the helm of Aston James.

Together we envisioned a collection of men’s hair and personal care products which represent the pure essence of luxury but allow males all around the globe to embrace the importance of beauty charged by passion and Elegance, leaving men feeling sexy and confident while staying humble. and change in an underutilised necessity in our health – skin care. The result was the development was scientifically formulated and environmentally sustainable products which have been precisely and carefully crafted to achieve real results in the important area of health and Beauty.

Fabio” I have been so fortunate to work with the worlds most prolific brands and products in my career but nothing compared to Aston James. The end product is something so beautiful I pinch myself at how privileged I am to be a part of giving people all around the world the opportunity to experience luxury hair, beauty and health care in the finest form, the way it should be says Fabio”

“Being perfectionists, this project was years in the making. We wanted nothing but the best ingredients and most exotic extracts that have a true impact on keeping males looking there best every day and the products had to look flawless being the highest level of luxury.

Aston James was pioneered with so much passion, energy and research on Ingredients and extracts that the hair and skin need

The design is alluringly cool, dressed in jet black and sexually empowering it demands excitement and grabs the imagination. This is a brand that will last forever.

The whole team who stretches to every corner of the globe has worked tirelessly to produce a product that every man will feel proud to have on his basin or in his LV bag.

All the ingredients have been carefully considered and took a long time to develop to ensure they complement every skin type with the perfect balance no products are tested on animals and no synthetic ingredients have been used.

For us nothing will ever be truly successful unless there is an element of giving back.

Our products are developed by using natural ingredients from mother earth and it is important for us to maintain the balance and we believe it is our responsibility to do so, this is why for every 50 sales we plant a tree that is a direct reflection of an ingredient in our products. Our packaging is not only clearly the most amazing packaging you can get your hands on however it also signifies our philosophy and core nucleus focus on being at the fore front of inspiring the beauty industry to completely move away from the use of plastics in packaging to help do our part towards the worlds plastic problem our packaging is made from recycled glass.

This is not a brand or a product!! It’s a dynasty!!"

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