Top 8 Skincare Hacks to Look Younger

Top 8 Skincare Hacks to Look Younger

Old age is approaching. You can't flee. You can't run. And the more you are concerned about getting older, the worse it appears to show.

Want to gracefully age? That calls for long-term effort. If you have deep wrinkles, severe back pain, no strength, and thinning hair, you can't wait to do something about that. The earlier you begin to fight the process of aging, the better.

1 - Stick to a Routine of Skincare

No surprises here. The first tip, of course, is all about skincare. Because one of the co-founders suddenly discovered he was aging, the whole reason Astonjamesbyfabio’s Products was started. If you're in the same position, then you know that.

It does not have to be complicated, time consuming, or even costly to have a daily skincare routine for men. No, it's not going to be free. Yes, you have to spend 5 minutes using the right products each morning and evening.

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2. Use Sunscreen

One thing is keeping your skin clean, hydrated, and safe. It is also important to shield it from the sun. Sun exposure is the aging process's #1 accelerator. You can age faster than most men if you work outside or otherwise spend a lot of time outside. That includes spots of age, problems with pigmentation, wrinkles and leathery skin.

The solution is easy - use sunscreen. Daily and Always.

3. Keep your hair short or low

In any movie you've ever seen, think about an old, wizened wizard. How insane was their hair? Long and wiry, uncontrollable and out of control. That's because the appearance of the old is long, untrimmed hair - not the young.

You have to keep your hair short and trim it frequently if you want to look younger. That means regular barbershop trips - not just running in for a quick cut because you were given an ultimatum by your wife/GF/SO.

In order to keep it short with modern lines, ask your barber. Worried that your bald spot or receding hair line will be disclosed by cutting your hair short? Shorter hair, in reality, will make you look better. It is another sure sign of age to try to cover up hair loss with long hair and visual tricks.

Using a natural wax pomade for men to keep your hair style in place. They're not going to dry your scalp or turn your hair rock hard. It only holds your look, so you never have that windswept style out of control.

4. Ditch Your Beard

Just as your long, unkempt hair ages, so does your facial hair. Facial hair of any kind. If you're serious about turning the clock back - at least visually - you have to ditch the beard, the mustache, and the goatee.

Clean shaven guys are younger looking. Yes, it calls for further maintenance. Yes, you have to be smart about avoiding the burning of razors and embedded hair. And yes - it's worth it, too.

5 - Remain flexible

If you're in a poor stance, struggling to get up from a chair and walk all bent over, guess what you're looking like? Old.

Signs of youth are versatility, healthy posture, and freedom of movement. But you start to lose all that stuff once you reach your 30's. Keep agile by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, doing daily stretches and doing flexibility-building yoga or related exercises.

Bear in mind, functional versatility is your focus. Not contortions of the Cirque de Soleil stage. There is more than enough of a good pattern of movement and stretching.

6 - Emphasis on exercise

Here's no surprise. Staying fit battles, the process of aging. Tough. Strong.

The good news: health for everyone is not the same. At the gym, some guys love to lift weights. Others are into hiking or cycling. Some men like to play competitive sports. And there are reasons for or against just about any staying fit form.

But you're not trying to develop an athletic body that is flawless. For as long as you can, you're just trying to look and feel as young as possible. So, work on exercise - but you prefer to do it. It is wise to have a balanced regimen involving cardio and strength training.

Making exercise part of your everyday routine. And fight back toward a sedentary lifestyle at all times.

7-Prevent Gaining Weight

Extra weight will age you. Excess fat makes you look several years older than you really are, whether it's a second chin, a spare tire, or just general flab - not to mention the health problems of obesity.

Start with something simple and effective, just like with skincare. Eat less processed foods in favor of nutritious proteins and fresh vegetables. Switch out natural choices for sugary, carb-loaded snacks. You should work on eating healthy slowly. This is much healthier than trying to throw a lot of weight on a fad diet, only to go back to yo-yo later on.

You won't have to worry about gaining extra weight as you age if you make healthy eating a lifestyle and not a temporary adjustment. You're going to look - and feel - better than most men.

8 - Dress better than you've got to

The way you look is dominated by the garments that you chose to wear. What is it that your clothes mean about you? That you are old and that you are out of touch? If so, the time is right for a move.

You don't have to throw all of your wardrobe out. Only pay more attention to how your garments fit. Not too tight or too loose, keep it trimmed and suited. Using timeless attire that never goes out of style altogether. This keeps you from dressing at a certain age based on what you're wearing and saves you from following trends.

As they mature, many boys give up on themselves style-wise. Their garments are getting messier, looser, sloppier. Fight the pattern and you're going to shave years off the age some see you as.

You should take action to delay the aging process and look your best, no matter what age you are today. Don't think about looking as young as you were at the age of x or y. Alternatively, accept who you are now and do what you can to look the best you can.

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